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7 Interesting Facts About Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of removing the remains of a tree after it has been cut down. Other methods of removing a tree trunk involve extraction by pulling its roots out of the earth. Stump grinding eliminates a  tree stump by shredding it into tiny pieces of wood. The result is a stump that is no longer visible above ground. Stump grinding doesn’t remove the tree roots, but companies will charge extra for additional equipment for root removal. Meanwhile, here are the 7 interesting facts about stump grinding.

If you’re looking for interesting facts about stumps and stump grinding, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover stumps and stump grinding and include information about stump removal costs.

So, here are 7 facts about stump grinding:

  • Put a ring on it.
  • Gigantic Trees
  • Roots run really deep.
  • A stump grinding won’t stop it from growing.
  • The stump machine is near retirement age.
  • That tree stump grinder must be so used.
  • Stump grinding costs

Put A Ring On It

It’s pretty to look at a tree trunk after it has been cut down. The concentric rings are mesmerizing and relaxing to look at. You can actually know how long a tree has lived its life before being made into wood logs. The number of concentric rings indicates the number of years it lived. You can even tell if the tree lived through a dry spell or excessive rain or if it was one of several trees close to a forest fire. Thicker rings would indicate the weather conditions were perfect, but thinner rings would mean lousy weather.

Gigantic Trees

Sycamores are known to be one of the most enormous trees that grow. On June 18, 1916, Jacob Bergman paid a guy to use a tractor to relocate the largest tree trunk, which came from a tree that lived for hundreds of years. The sycamore tree grew so tall, leaving a stump with a circumference of 57 feet around. It’s currently on display and an attraction in Indiana. It’s 18 feet across and 12 feet high and was hollowed out. The space inside could hold over a dozen people.

Roots Run Really Deep

Tree stump grinding is easy if the remaining trunk has shallow roots that can be dug out. But some trees are pretty stubborn, and tree stump removal is necessary if you want a cleaner lawn or backyard. Some of the trees with the deepest and strongest roots include white oak, walnut trees, the Japanese pagoda, and hickories. Maples are also on the list for trees that have extensive root systems.

A Stump Grinding Won’t Stop It From Growing

An interesting fact about trees is their resiliency. After a tree trunk has been ground down, extensive root systems can still sprout a tree. That’s why stump removal services sometimes charge extra to do pruning or use lopping shears to sever the roots near the stump. Killing the root system will make sure the tree doesn’t grow back.

The Stump Grinding Machine Is Near Retirement Age

The stump machine is celebrating its 65th year since its invention in 1956. Gary Vermeer, the founder of  Vermeer Manufacturing Co., is credited with being the first maker and inventor of the modern stump machine. Gary’s modern stump grinding machine can be operated by a single person, and it was the first grinding machine with a rotor in a horizontal setup.

That Tree Stump Grinder Must Be So Used

The record holder for the largest tree ever cut was a giant sequoia in the Sierra Mountains. The tree was named General Noble, and it was felled in August of 1892. General Noble reached a height of 285 ft, and the cut was made at 52 ft. To make the cut possible, people built a scaffolding tower beside the tree. The tree was cut in celebration of Christopher Columbus’ voyage. The cutting of the giant sequoia happened in 1893  during the Chicago World Fair, where it was also the most attended public event in history.

So, these were the facts about stump grinding.

Stump Grinding Costs

Stump grinding services in the US cost average as low as $60 to over $350 per stump. Individual contractors for tree stump removal charge per diameter inch, and it can cost a minimum of $100 for a whole tree stump.

There are stump grinding contractors that offer much lower rates. Still, they usually involve machines not recommended for stump grinding, or the equipment isn’t really the best in killing the root systems. So always ask for more information about the service.

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